Thursday, November 4, 2010

Getting to spend a ridiculous amount time with my boyfriend. Late night tea runs. Singing at the top of my lungs to the oldies. Getting a great roll of film back. Knowing that your roll is going to be great even before you get it back. Sharing a bed with him. Leaving pictures of cats on my friends facebook walls. Cop shows. Kanye's new album. Wearing shorts and tank-tops in November. Getting snail mail. Toast. Being unconditionally happy. Full days of R&R. Winning tickets to the Glee taping tomorrow night! Getting sweet messages on tumblr. Japanese food. Listening to the Demon Days album on repeat. San Diego trips. Tickle fights. Free candy. Pumpkin carving. Staying up way too late.
Those "Holy crap I love you so much" moments.

I'd like to do this every Thursday, regarding things that made me happy over the past week. There will probably be a lot of repeats (my boyfriend, my dog, my friends...) The idea was taken from GalaDarling's blog, and know I know why she does it every week! It's fun to remember what has made you happy :)
It's also an attempt to use this blog more than a place to summarize my weekends.

I made myself a new header. It's super simple, but I like it better than the last one.

Have a great night!

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