Saturday, May 14, 2011

At midnight on Wednesday May 11th, Steven and I went to 711 to buy his first legal beverage!

We tried to convince the clerk to get in the picture but he refused. He chose New Castle and we headed back to my house to get some sleep.

In the morning I got up early for class, then came home to make Steven breakfast. We got ready for the day, then headed to Disneyland!
We had to leave at 4 so I could make my night class, so we only got to ride Indiana Jones and Pirates. We had time for lunch at Carnation Cafe, which is THE best place to eat in D-land. Trust me.

Film pictures!

After more walking around, we headed towards town square to meet up with my friend Juli! She told us stories about working at Dland and made us laugh a lot.
It was 4 o'clock so we took off back to my house, and I went to class. I left class early so we could grab some dinner.
Steven decided on PF Chang's, so that's where we went!

He ordered this tropical rum drink, and I had iced tea. We started off with lettuce wraps and egg drop soup.

After he finished his first drink, I told the waiter to surprise him with something different. He brought Steven a Mai Tai and Steven really liked it! I guess he's a rum guy.

We ordered our favorite dishes, mongolian beef and crispy honey chicken. I was already filling up from the lettuce wraps so we have a ton left over in the fridge.

Once we were packed up, our waiter brought us mini chocolate raspberry cakes and fortune cookies. I don't like chocolate and I wasn't about to complain, so Steven gladly ate mine.

We headed back to my house for more cake and laughs.
I am not the most professional cake baker, and I forgot to pick up icing and candles. I found red icing, pearls, a 8 candle and made it work.

The next morning we headed up the coast to Santa Barbara! The drive up was absolutely beautiful. We drove up the 101 which pretty much follows the coastline. It was breathtaking.
We checked into the hotel which was right across from the beach, and hung out for a little bit before exploring the town.

(Obligatory mirror outfit picture^)
Our amazing hotel provided free beach cruisers to ride around town, which was perfect since parking is hard to find in the area. We rode the bikes up the main street, and walked around the shops.

The weather was so nice and everything felt perfect.
We stopped for dinner at an Italian restaurant on the main street. We both had pizza, his was covered in pepperoni and mushroom, and mine was margherita.

Then across the street for dessert at Pinkberry. I had mango yogurt with pom sauce, gummi bears, kiwi, and strawberries. Steven had original yogurt with chocolate chips, chocolate crunchies, strawberries, and kiwis. Yum!!!

Steven got his drank on while I took pictures of the pretty bottle, and we snuggled up and watched TV.

We got up early the next morning so we could drive up to Lompoc. Steven was going SKYDIVING(!!!!!!!!) at 9. We packed our stuff up, and enjoyed the complimentary breakfast the hotel provided for us (seriously loved that place)

After about an hour of driving we were finally in Lompoc! While drivig up there, a coyote ran out right in front of us! Wooo nature!
Steven was nervous but so brave and really excited.

We checked in, and Steven was handed a stack of legal papers to sign JUST IN CASE something went wrong. The warning signs were really uplifting.

After signing papers and watching a video about all the things that could go wrong, we walked into the hanger and waited for a few other divers to show up.

Steven has never been on a plane before, let alone jumped out of one, so he was understandably nervous. We signed him up to jump 13,000 feet, the middle height. Any higher he would have needed supplemental oxygen, so we saved that for next time. He met his instructor, Chris, and soon enough he was suited up and ready to go!

And then they were off!

The plane took off and I freaked out in the hanger for a little bit. I really wish I would have gone with him because waiting around sucked. I drove up to the landing point and waited until I saw parachutes coming down. Steven was the 5th one down after 2 solo divers and 2 girls from Norway. I was so happy and excited to see him sailing down.

Once he got all of his equipment off, he ran right over to me and spun me around. He was shaking and so stoked on life!
Here he is right after he landed

We drove back to the hanger and he got his certificate! After chatting with the other divers, we headed back home. He was so excited the entire way and couldn't stop talking about it. I was so happy he got back safe and loved it.
We stopped along the way to take pictures because it was SO beautiful out there.

Our tummies were growling so we

then we drove straight home

I was exhausted from being up early and driving all day, so after a nap, we went to the grocery store. I made steaks and mashed potatoes for everybody, and then desert cups with whipped cream and black berries.

I insisted my dad and Steven take a shot of tequila, and they each obliged.

Behold the best reaction picture ever ----->

We watched Blue Valentine until we passed out, then woke up this morning to head back to his house.
It was a WONDERFUL couple of days, and I am so ridiculously in love with Steven. I had a blast with him and I am looking forward to going skydiving with him next time. I can't wait.


Tina Sosna said...

such abeautiful story! (:

Stefany said...

Wow what an amazing adventure!! Your photos are great too :) Thanks for sharing xx