Thursday, June 2, 2011

This is a post about Jason Bateman

How awesome is the Instagram app? Really awesome. This post is going to be filled with pictures taken by it.
And while we're at it, the iPhone 4 is pretty awesome too. I upgraded over the weekend from my 3G and I'm in love. It runs so much better than the old one (which is my fault for dropping it so much) and takes much better pictures.

Yay clearer pictures!

I had a really lovely day on Tuesday.
It started off with waking up at 11 to a handsome man in my bed. After breakfast I attempted to go to work, but my shift had been covered by another girl by accident. I shrugged it off and accepted my unexpected day off. My brother bought me ice cream, and Steven and I set off for lunch and errands.
We had teriyaki bowls at the Hawaiian Bread factory.

They were delicious, look how thrilled I look!
Then to Del Amo Mall to buy Steven a new shirt for his interview the next day.

We rushed home afterwards to meet up with my dad so he could take us to the Dodger game!
I haven't been to the stadium in a long time, and since I grew up near LA, it's a nostalgic place for me. I was definitely excited.

Happy girl

I remembered how boring baseball can be, but cheered along for our team. It wasn't until towards the end of the game that something exciting happened.

Steven and I have been watching all the seasons of Arrested Development on Netflix so it was super exciting when we saw him walking up the stairs in our section. He was super nice and made fun of my brother for not knowing how to use an iPhone camera. So cool.

Steven had an important meeting yesterday, so he got all dressed up. He wouldn't let me take a picture of his outfit before changing in to something more comfortable, but he looked so delicious all dressed up. Black button up, slim dress pants, dress shoes, YUM.
He did manage to snap a picture of his accessories


We celebrated his successful meeting with lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe and shopping, then went grocery shopping.
I made steaks and pan roasted potatoes for dinner, then visited with the kitten I helped rescue last week!

She's so cute :3

Then a late night game of checkers and connect 4 over almond tea.

I've had a nice couple of days, hope you have too!

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally jealous of you meeting Jason Bateman. For real.