Sunday, January 22, 2012

DIY Of The Week

I asked my fellow sister wife N'tima to guest blog her latest DIY project! 
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hello! this is n'tima from team preusser and I'm here to show you how to make a super simple, (really) easy, inexpensive monogrammed throw pillow. I saw a few on etsy that I adored, but who in their right minds would pay $40 for a THROW pillow, right?

first make sure you have each of these items--
1. a yard of sturdy fabric. (I used beige muslin from Joanns.)
2. needle & heavy duty thread, or a sewing machine.
3. paint & a foam paint brush.
4. chalk
4. large letter/number stencil.
5. stuffing or batting.

start by deciding what size of pillow you want. 
I wanted 16x16 inches so I cut two equal squares at 17x17 inches each. 
then I printed out a stencil.
(just go to word & blow up the letter of your choice, so much easier & cheaper than store bought stencils. )
tape the stencil in the center of one of the pieces of fabric & paint the letter on.

after this dries, place both pieces of fabric with the inside facing outward & draw a line with chalk 1 inch from the outer edge on each side. 

 align the two pieces of fabric together with the insides facing each other & start to sew the pieces together along the chalked line. 

continue sewing each side until three sides are sewn. 
turn the pillow inside out & stuff as much as you desire. 

then fold the top seam inward & sew shut. 

finally, place on your bed or couch to impress your husband & friends with how domestic & housewife worthy you are.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY & are inspired to get sewing!

xo. n'tima

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Nishat said...

Aw, how cute! I can't wait to try this with words, too! Also, N'tima's quilt is adorable.