Sunday, January 15, 2012

DIY Of The Week

With a surprise ending.
First you'll need a pair of shoes. I recommend using a light color.

Next, one or two bottles of glitter paint. I only ended up needing one, but depending on how glittery you want your shoes to be, you may need two.
I used Martha Stewart's "Sugar Cube" and loved it. Plus it was on sale at Michael's!
I've seen a few tutorials use glue and actual glitter, but I found this way to be much more cost effective, less time consuming, and a lot less of a mess.

Now we're ready to start.
Remove any shoe laces or accessories and wipe clean with Windex.

Start painting! For my first 2 layers I painted by dabbing to get as much glitter on there as possible.
You're more than welcome to wait an hour between layers as the directions say, but a blow dryer works a lot faster.

First layer

Second layer

3rd and final layer
You can keep going if you want more glamour, but I was happy here.
On your last layer, whatever it may be, paint in one direction all over the shoe.
I chose not to paint the tongue to avoid a mess.
Hooray! You're almost done!

Next step-
Go to the mall with your friend that's back home from school in Colorado and buy yourself some (cute) pajama pants and a shirt.
Also, think about all the cute outfits your new shoes are going to with.
Then come home and find that during your fun time out shopping free of stress, this happened.
And your beautiful creation is ruined.

Last but not least put the culprit outside
and then feel bad so let him back in and snuggle him instead.

Actually, forget that last part. If you're lucky enough to have your shoes survive the drying process, take a picture and send it to me!

I'll attempt another pair soon.


this elephant said...

I laughed and I cried, 10/10

Megan said...

OH NO!!! Hahahaha, you poor thing, you took all that time and they were ruined!

Well, on a bright note, I've seen a lot of these glittery-shoe-DIYs and honestly, this one was by far my favorite. I like that the glitter was subtle and I love the color of those oxfords. Well done! :)

Just stumbled upon your lovely blog and will definitely be following! Have a great day :)

Madeline Joy said...

Thanks lovely!