Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting The Most Out Of Your Manicure

Alternative title: Things I Wouldn't Have To Do If I Could Afford A Manicure Every Week

I actually really enjoy painting my own nails.
Painting my nails is always much needed "me" time. But I'll admit, once in a while they desperately need professional help. So every so often I head on down to my favorite nail salon and drop cash on some hand and foot rehab. I walk out feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and stunning.
St. Lucia Lilac by Essie
I feel pretty, oh soooooooooooo preeeeeeettttttttttty.

Then 2 hours later I realized I smudged my pinkie while putting on my seat belt and my hands are ruined.
I get out of the shower and some how all of my tips are chipped. I scream profanities towards the Nail Gods.
some other horrible fate that makes me cry on the inside (and maybe the outside a few times)
3 days later. Hello chips.
Years of these awful instances have made me an expert on keeping your manicure in tip top shape for more than 12 hours. Here are a few tips.

1. Unless you like keeping them long, always ask the nail technician cut down your nails.
You won't have to cut them a few days later and ruin the lovely shape. 
I also always ask when it's filing time for a rounded square shape. It holds up really well and looks great!

2. No closed shoes or socks for 24 hours.
Nail polish takes a full day to dry completely. Another common tragedy is forgetting this rule and having my toes completely stuck to my socks.

3. Paint 'em with a no chip top coat after 24 hours.
I know the nail technician puts a coat on top of their masterpiece when it's done, but doing this keeps my nails from much longer. I recommend Essie's No Chips Ahead.

4. Life lesson: when things get ugly, throw on some glitter!
After a few days, you will have a few chips regardless of how careful you are. To keep your manicure nice and clean, paint a layer of glitter polish on top. Finish with a top coat.
 It's like a whole new manicure!
I really recommend OPI's Rainbow Connection. It looks good on top of almost any color!

Ta da!

Share your own tips in the comments!


N'tima Preusser said...

apparently spraying PAM on your nails helps them to dry faster.
I love this post though, mad dog.


Nishat said...

Actually I think spraying PAM is supposed to prevent them from getting ruined while they're still wet. Like some sort of 'protective' layer. How odd.
Great post though! The glitter nail polish thing fixes everything!

sarahbellis said...

for me, the inside edges always chip from excessive hand washing! i like to put cutlicle oil on in the mornings, and it leaves my hands super soft, and my nails un-chipped no matter how many times i wash my hands :)