Wednesday, May 22, 2013

instagam editing!

I'm going to admit that when Instagram first came about I was totally bombed on it. I thought it and its sister Hipstamatic were SO lame and was ruining photography for everyone.
Then I downloaded it.
1,627 (holy crap) pictures later, I am MORE than hooked.

I started off mostly using the "Earlybird" filter, and shunning everyone that used "Kelvin."
But then I got bored of the limited features and ventured into other apps to edit my 5 megapixels works of art.
After trialing a ton of trifling apps, here are my top 3. They make editing so fun and easy that it's hard to pick up a real camera these days.
AfterLight, formerly AfterGlow, is my top used app. It's awesome.
I love all the filters, but the best part of it is how many editing options this app has. You can adjust the exposure, highlights, and all of that good stuff. You can also throw on a light leak which makes NO sense but looks ultra pretty.
The girls over at A Beautiful Mess created this app which I am IN LOVE WITH! 
This is also my newest app so I can't stop playing around with it.
There are limited filters but the real point of this app are the adorable borders, doodles, and phrases you can throw on top of your pictures to make them oh so cute.
VSCO CAM is my least used out of these three but it does come in handy. This was my AfterLight before it existed and like AfterLight, I love the in depth editing options it has. 

I believe all three apps cost a little something, but they're totally worth it for making your pictures POP!
Are there any apps you absolutely love? Let me know so I can get addicted too!


kristyn said...

i love these as well! i refuse to buy the abm app, because i just KNOW i will be addicted to it haha. i use vsco the most and am completely loyal to it. it makes me feel like i'm a decent photographer ;)


alex said...

Heey I love your blog, and I loved this post! It was so useful. I've only been using the photoshop app, but that Afterlight app looks amazing! BTW, it would help a lot if next time you write whether they are free or not:) Thank so much for the great info!

Shanon said...

I've yet to try VSCO cam, but I definitely am addicted to Afterlight and the Beautiful Mess app! :)

Also, yeah can we just get rid of Kelvin already? In what world does that filter improve a photo?