Sunday, September 1, 2013

DIY: rustic tree slice chalkboard

here's a super easy DIY that will spruce (haha get it, SPRUCE like a tree!) up your space!
1. pick out your desired tree slice size and shape from your local craft store
2. while you're there, grab chalkboard paint in the color you'd like
3. paint vertically and let dry for an hour, then paint horizontally and let cure for 24 hours
4. lightly rub chalk to condition and draw away!


kimberly said...

so cute. i didn't know they sold tree slices at craft stores! what did you use to hang it on the wall?

Madeline Joy said...

Thanks! I used a staple gun and left it a little raised in the back so it can hang on a nail!

Cam Coury said...

Cute! I really like this!


Quintel said...

super cute + easy project! i think i may try this.