Tuesday, February 24, 2015

a year in film: january 2015

 my only new year's resolutions were to be a better person, and shoot at least one roll of film a month. 

I miss the excitement of getting back a freshly developed roll of film and frankly, I'm out of practice. film has always been my favorite medium and the results always impress me.

I'll be honest, you're going to see some flaws. my Canon AE-1 has seen better days. it usually hangs out in my purse, sans lens cap, and is thrown back in forth (hence the light leaks.) but for now, it does the job. I'll also be experimenting with different speeds and types of film to lock down my favorites. 

so here is January. I shot almost 4 rolls of film because life was really fun last month. 
I did a lot, accomplished a lot, and had a wonderful start of 2015.

disneyland, anaheim, ca

 monterey bay & the northern coast, california

parker, az & along route 62, california

a HUGE thank you to my friends Marielle & Brent for developing my film.
stay tuned for february.


Billie Jane said...

Oh gosh, I especially love the last lot of desert-y pictures. So beautiful Madeline!

Unknown said...
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Maria Morel said...

Do you develop the photos yourself?